Whatsapp as a tool for recruiting talent

The labour market increasingly dynamic and competitive due to digitization.


The labour market increasingly dynamic and competitive due to digitization, has promoted the emergence of new avenues of search for a greater number of results in the collection of candidates and greater refinement in obtaining adequate profiles to the needs of companies.  

Recruitment via the internet social networks, and, finally, the emergence of WhatsApp, has meant that the selection processes slimmer and simple. 

Companies are increasingly whatsApp attending as a tool to contact the candidates and verify its qualities. This trend, which began to implement in 2023 continues to grow at an accelerated pace by 2024 already gained greater immediacy and higher rates of customization and exchange of information with their clients. 


The advantages offered by whatsapp compared to traditional channels of recruitment are manifold: 

  • Almost 3,000 million users use the application on a regular basis. 
  • Text messages have opening 97 per cent (compared with 15 per cent of percentage of the email) 
  • 90% Of the messages are open within 3 minutes to have been received. 
  • In interviews with virtual agents Chattyhiring, the assessment of the interview by whatsapp is 9.1 on 10. 
  • Whastapp is the most used in more than 100 countries. 
  • The 54 per cent of users prefer to use to contact Whatsapp enterprise level to have knowledge that the counterparty has read the notice (double tick). 
  • You can access a message by whatsapp with something as basic as a simple scan of a QR-code or a link. 


Companies are integrating the use of WhatsApp together with the use of IA (Artificial Intelligence) to improve the efficiency of the selective processes so that improve the communication, at all times the candidate, without the need to call or receive calls because the software updates the information at all times between the selector and the candidate, which is the reduction of mechanical work. 

This integration allows candidates to follow their selection process directly from WhatsApp, offering a comfortable and adapted even less digitized. For recruiters, centralizes all recruitment processes in a single platform, to facilitate communications and follow-up without the need for multiple applications and enabling them to create custom filters.  

Expediting processes and responses almost instantaneous able to identify candidates ensure active and stakeholders in less time. 


Source: RRHHDigital, Empleotrabajomadrid.org, Viterbit.