​​​​​​​Network of Public Centres for counselling, support Entrepreneurship and innovation to employment

We are Red COE

Your portal of guidance to employment

A shared space of guidance for the use of the national system of Employment.

Who are we addressing

The Network COE provides guidance and resources to working people and businesses.

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We advise people workers and job seekers in their search of employment opportunities.

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We offer our company and we advise companies to promote growth through services, resources and innovative strategies.

The Network COE

The Network is composed of 20 public centres: one for each autonomous community and autonomous city, and a state school.

  • State Centre

    20.Centro Estatal
    Streets of Costa Rica, 30, 28016, Madrid
  • Andalusian centre

    Calle Leonardo Da Vinci, parcela TA6.4 del Parque Científico Tecnológico Cartuja, 41092, Sevilla
  • The centre of aragon

    Avenida de Ranillas, 1, local 0-A and 0-B Ground Floor, Building 1-A Fomented, 50018 Zaragoza,
  • The centre of the principality of Asturias

    High street Furnaces, s/n, 33930 Langreo,
  • The centre of Illes Balears

    Calle Julián Álvarez, 7, 07004, Palma
  • Centre de Canarias (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

    Calle ministries, 1, 38010, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Centro de Cantabria

    Calle del Sol, 28, 39003, Santander
  • The centre of Castilla y León

    Avenida del Mayor Miguel Castaño, 78, 24005, león
  • Castilla-La Mancha centre

    Denmark street, 2, 45005, Toledo
  • The centre of Catalonia

  • The Valencian Community

    Dársena interior Marina de Valencia Base 11 Sc Puerto 6, 46024, Valencia
  • The centre of Extremadura

    Plaza Minayo, 2, 06002, Badajoz
  • Centro de Galicia

    Calle Rafael Alberti, block 7, ground floor, 15008, A Coruña
  • The centre of the community of Madrid

    Streets of Hacienda de Pavones, 350, 28030, Madrid
  • The centre of the region of Murcia (Murcia)

    Street Tower alvarez, 5, 30007, Murcia
  • The centre of the community of navarre

    Avenida de Villava, 1, 31600, Circumvented
  • The centre of Basque Country

    Calle Elvira Zuleta, 4, 01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz,
  • The centre of La Rioja

    Avenida Lope de Vega, 45, 26006, logroño
  • The centre of the autonomous city of Ceuta

    Avenida Nuestra señora de Otero, s/n, 51002, Ceuta
  • The centre of the autonomous city of Melilla

    Paul street Vallescá, 12, 52001, Melilla

Prominent resources

Get useful resources that can help you improve your employment situation.

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Latest news

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