The most in-demand professions in 2024

The website offers us an interesting article showing the most in-demand professions in the ICT sector for 2024. 


For this publication, the IT sector leads the recruitment forecasts (according to data provided by ManpowerGroup), while expert profiles in Data Science are the most in demand according to Randstad Technologies. 




The publication also asserts that web programming will continue to lead the list of skills most sought after by recruiters.  


As for the Spanish labour market, and according to the jobs on the rise on Linkedin, the Randstad Technologies list and the Forbes Top5, in 2024 the most in-demand professions are: 

  • Full Stack Web Programmer 
  • Software Developer 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Cybersecurity Specialist 
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer 
  • Machine Learning Specialist 
  • Digital Marketing Specialist 
  • Recruitment Specialist 


Regarding the most in-demand soft skills, the website points out analytical skills, people skills, teamwork, assertive communication, learning skills and leadership as the most outstanding.